From: kavor on
ok i want to do some book keeping.
i buy and sell stuff.
i want a to be what i bought like an item
i want b to be what i paid to get the item
i want c to be time and gas put into getting item
i want d to be additional costs like repair or parts added.
i want e to be totals of all expenses basically add b+c+d
i want f to be what i sold it for
i want g to be total profit or loss
i want 3j to add all of b
i want 4j to add all of c+d
i want 5j to add all of f
i want 6j to add all of g

i learned all of this at some point but now i don't remember anything.
i used to be really good at it. i guess if you don't use it you
i know how to write the formula, i mean its simple enough
i want to know how the damn copy, paste, and cut functions work in
this damn environment

i have office 03
i tried for like 1 hour trying to get a formula to go down 1 entire
column i couldn't do it.

also if i can get a access data base that just takes in all this info
as well. that would be great.

please help me. go in super baby steps i know how to use computer
quite well, just not office apps.