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In our last episode, the evil Dr. Lacto had captured our hero,
RedGrittyBrick <RedGrittyBrick(a)spamweary.invalid>, who said:

>On 09/02/2010 13:47, hymie! wrote:
>> I have an MSSQL database. I connect to it with SQL Server, run a
>> query "select content_id from log" with a "where" clause I'm not
>> allowed to broadcast, and I get these results:
>> 1037479785592177191
>> 1037222160396202204
>> 1036993281177442875
>> 1037489555080390716
>> 1037253823299245752

>Transforming your Perl quesion into an MS-SQL question, can you do
>something like
> select cast(content_id as varchar(19)) as content_id from ...

Not being an MS-SQL guru in the slightest, I really appreciate this idea.
It appears to have solved my problem.

--hymie! hymie(a)