From: "Dr. Rainer Kaluscha" on

we had a mail loop for one user so postfix put all his mails in the deferred queue:

to=<user(a)localhost.intern>, status=SOFTBOUNCE (mail forwarding loop for user(a)localhost.intern)

Then we removed his .forward file so the mail loop issue was resolved. However, postfix keeps
the mails in the deferred queue still giving the error message above, though local delivery is
possible now.

The only solution I found until now was to manually edit the files in
/var/spool/postfix/deferred and change the adress in the Delivered-To header. Nevertheless, I
think there should be a better solution, e.g. temporarily disabling loop detection.

Any hints would be appreciated.

Thnx in advance,
Rainer Kaluscha

P.S. We are using postfix-2.3.2, mails are passed through amavisd.

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