From: Pascal on
How to store all the words of a text in a table, modify some of them, then
reconstruct the text by retaining the original punctuation?

I tried this:
words = TextBox1.Text.Split(New String() {" "c, ","c, "."c, ":"c,
";"c, "?"c, "!"c, "'"c, "`"c, "-"c}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)

then :
Dim WordsSpan = words.Clone
Dim word As String
For Each word In words
word = ("<span class=""blue"" onclick=""verif(this)"">" + word +
TextBox2.Text += word

so the text
" Les poules du couvent couvent l'obscurit� la nuit.

Pourquoi? moi, eux-m�mes!
radis noirs: s�rieux"


<span class="blue" onclick="verif(this)">Les</span><span class="blue"
onclick="verif(this)">poules</span><span class="blue"
onclick="verif(this)">du</span><span class="blue"
onclick="verif(this)">couvent</span><span class="blue"
onclick="verif(this)">couvent</span><span class="blue"
onclick="verif(this)">l</span><span class="blue"
onclick="verif(this)">obscurit�</span><span class="blue"
onclick="verif(this)">la</span><span class="blue"
onclick="verif(this)">nuit</span><span class="blue" onclick="verif(this)">

Pourquoi</span><span class="blue" onclick="verif(this)">moi</span><span
class="blue" onclick="verif(this)">eux</span><span class="blue"
onclick="verif(this)">m�mes</span><span class="blue" onclick="verif(this)">
radis</span><span class="blue" onclick="verif(this)">noirs</span><span
class="blue" onclick="verif(this)">s�rieux</span>

where all the ponctuation disappears!

any idea please