From: Riccardo on
I have an htc P3300 art 100 I never updated PocketPC! currently has:
Microsoft "Windows Mobile" 5.0
ROM version: 1.12.408.1 ITA
Date ROM: 09/12/06
Radio version: 02.67.90
Version: Protocol:
Version ExtROM: 1.12.408.8006
Hardware: CPU: OMAP850 - speed: 201 MHz - size RAM: 64 MB size Flash: 128
MB - bus data: 16 bit - size store: 37,63 M - resolution display: 240 X
320 - colors: 65536
1 micro SD 2 GB I loaded map tomtom Europe v6.75 and various PDI for a total
di1850 MB.
Work me the tom tom yesterday I updated PDI do not know what happened
but now, icon appears me for entarre in the program in the tom tom, but
appears white and celestial form by clicking. say me: cannot open file "Tom
Tom navigator", the digital signature with trusted certificate not available
or cannot find one of the components. You might want to reinstall or repair
the I can do to reistallare or restore the file? because when the
purchased was already everything installed.
Anyone who knows me help?
Thank you