From: Riccardo on

Da: "Riccardo" <ricki3(a)>
Oggetto: htc P3300 ARTE 100 PocketPC
Data: sabato 9 gennaio 2010 16.44

I have an htc P3300 art 100 I never updated PocketPC! currently has:

Microsoft "Windows Mobile" 5.0

ROM version: 1.12.408.1 ITA

Date ROM: 09/12/06

Radio version: 02.67.90

Version: Protocol:

Version ExtROM: 1.12.408.8006

Hardware: CPU: OMAP850 - speed: 201 MHz - size RAM: 64 MB size Flash: 128
MB - bus data: 16 bit - size store: 37,63 M - resolution display: 240 X
320 - colors: 65536


1 micro SD 2 GB I loaded map tomtom Europe v6.75 and various PDI for a total
di1850 MB.

work me the tom tom yesterday I updated Plug-ins do not know what happened
but now, icon appears me for entarre in the program in the tom tom, but
appears white and celestial form by clicking. say me: cannot open file "Tom
Tom navigator", the digital signature with trusted certificate not available
or cannot find one of the components. You might want to reinstall or repair
the I can do to reistallare or restore the file? because when the
purchased was already everything installed.
Anyone who knows me help?
Thank you