From: Cormac Gebruers on

Insights on possible cause/where to look please... I'm getting nowhere
with this problem :

Recurrent crash of httpd.exe (Apache/2.2.11 (Win32)) due
php_mysqli.dll ( module (according to the windows error
message) in the following contexts:

1. phpMyAdmin database login screen, username & password entered,
Click 'Go' button --> httpd.exe crash...

2. Drupal web based configuration script - db setup - Drupal script
attempts to connect to mysql database --> httpd.exe crash...

System Configuration:
* XP Pro
* Apache/2.2.11 (Win32)
* PHP/5.2.9-2
* http://localhost:8080/
* Clean installation of all above systems.
* phpinfo() indicates mysqli module is up & running OK
* php script to connect to mysql database via mysqli works OK
* Apache service starts with no errors
* Apache error log contains no hints
* Apache webserver, PHP & MySQL are otherwise behaving normally

I've verified PHP and Apache are happy with one another and that PHP
and MySQL are happy bedfellows, but something is going wrong with the
three-some... PHP-->Apache-->MySQL ain't playing ball...

I've done several previous WAMP setups so I've some background here,
but this has me stumped... have I got a release version
incompatibility or something here that I just can't see?

Cormac (EI4HQ)
[Shanghai/UTC+8] NNNN++++