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On 4/3/2010 4:20 PM, Christoph Koehler wrote:

> Any idea how to enter largish data sets for statistics on a HP 50?
> Say:
> value | freq
> 60 | 3
> 61 | 20
> 62 | 12
> etc.

Programs also exist (or can be created)
to process "weighted" statistical data,
in which one need enter only each value and its frequency.

For example:
(contains an obsolete version of WEIGHT3 from Nov 19 1996)

Updated WEIGHT3 from Mar 29 1997 (based on info from Bob Wheeler)

You could also create a program to produce a matrix
where each value is simply repeated a given number of times,
and you will find such a program (by Joe Horn) mentioned
in the following discussions, which go rather deeply
into many subtleties (and surprises) about statistical computations:

Statistics Question | Jul 1 1997
How does one make the 48G solve for grouped data?

Entering frequencied statistical data? | Nov 11 1996

HP48 Statistics Vindicated (Horn vs. Wheeler) | July 10 1997

Comments about learning statistics - Bob Wheeler | Feb 27 1997

Robert E. Wheeler

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