From: John B. Smotherman on
Not sure I understand completely the question you're asking, but I can tell
you that I have a large inventory database application that also "holds"
images of each item, that display automatically. I put "holds" in quotes
because, like your case, the field actually holds the image filename and
path, making it a simple text field, not an embedded object.

I use VBA to automatically open the image file as a thumbnail in an unbound
picture frame on the form, and it does so for each item as I scroll through
records, or jump to a specific one. If I want a larger view of the thumbnail,
I click it and it opens in a new form. Click anywhere on the large view of
the picture and it closes, revealing the original form that was hidden behind

Would something like this work for you? Are you comfortable working with
VBA? I can post or email you the VBA code.

"Wayne-I-M" wrote:

> access 2007
> In access 2003 I have a table with field that holds a path to an image.
> The image is specific to each record so that it displays on forms and reports.
> Just trying out the attachment feature in access 2007 and I think (maybe
> wrong) that you need to double click each record in the table to load the
> image path.
> This can't be right ???? can it.
> I have upwards of 40,000 images (paths) in my table - they are lift pass
> photos for a ski resort, so people don't have to bring another one each year.
> They just tap in their client ID and the lift pass is printed.
> I use a simple update query to update new records with the path to a
> person's picture, this is really simple - but it works and is very stable
> Can this be done in Ac2007, or do I need to sit here for the next ten years
> clicking away :-)
> --
> Wayne
> Manchester, England.