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> >> in my case i did the binding in xaml....maybe you're talking about a
>>> codebehind method? [...]
>> By default, I am always talking about C# code. This is, after all, a C#
>> newsgroup. :)
> thanks for the clarificaton...since i'm using c# and wpf is one option in
> that ide I was thinking it was part of c# but i'm starting to get that
> there
> are technology overlaps in this world... dot net / c# / xaml / wpf ...

Yes. As easy as it is to conflate them, it's important to keep in mind
the separation between C# the language, and .NET the framework. Strictly
speaking, C# doesn't require .NET, though it does require _some_ kind of
managed framework like .NET. And of course, the .NET framework can be
used from a wide variety of languages (C#, VB.NET, C++, F#, maybe some
others I'm forgetting at the moment, like Python, Ruby, etc.).