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Rightclick the speaker icon in the system tray, and select Open Volume

On the Options>Properties menu, select Recording settings.

Back on the main window, look for a '+20dB mic gain' tickbox. This may be in
a sub-window reached via an Advanced button, so check thoroughly.

"Albert" wrote:

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> >> Hi all,
> >>
> >> Here a while back I build a new computer and installed a Sound Blaster
> >> X-Fi Xtreme Audio sound card. The Asus P5Q PRO TURBO motherboard I put
> >> in it had integrated sound but would not do what I needed.
> >>
> >> Now, I'm having problems with the microphone not having enough volume
> >> to properly record voice. For some reason when I go into Sounds and
> >> Audio Device Properties, Voice and Test Hardware the mic volume yield
> >> is very low unless I put a boost under Record Control, Advanced. After
> >> I do another Test Hardware everything working properly but when I try
> >> anything that uses analog headset/mic the boost checkmark disappears
> >> and I lose recording volume. By the way I did not have this problem
> >> with Sound Blaster live 5.1 in the old computer. The reason I'm using
> >> the Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Audio sound card is because it has a
> >> head-end hookup for the headset/mic combo.
> >>
> >> Okay now, I'm thinking about using a USB headset/mic instead of the
> >> analog one that I have. As I understand it, when you plug it into the
> >> USB slot, it will show up in your Sound and Audio Device Properties as
> >> an alternative to the sound card for voice recording, is that correct
> >> and if so do you think that it would eliminate the problem or at least
> >> improve the voice recording quality. One other thing, the integrated
> >> sound software (ATI Function Driver for High Definition Audio - ATI
> >> AA01) is still showing in sound hardware could that be a problem?
> >>
> >> Thank you, all help would be greatly appreciated.
> >>
> >>
> >> Albert
> >> amlazon(a)
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> >First off, go into your BIOS and disable the onboard sound and see if that
> >fixes it. If not, I would suggest trying the Creative Labs web site and/or
> >forums for a solution.
> I guess I should have mentioned the BIOS but the post was getting
> awfully long as it was. The onboard sound system was disabled but I
> went in and checked it again and it still is. Although it's disabled
> it still shows up in the hardware menu as I explained above.
> As far as Creative Labs is concerned I'm having problems making
> connection with their tech support because the sound card was OEM and
> they're saying that they do not support OEM and that the seller is
> supposed to give support and they're not any help at all. I guess I
> could Google "Sound Blaster forums", I'll give that a try.
> I want to thank you for your trouble and if I decide to get the USB
> headset/mic I'll post the outcome.
> Albert
> amlazon(a)
> (use s instead of z
> to e-mail me)
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