From: sparks on
I have only done one large mail merge in access 97. Been a while.
I used the code that was kindly posted by Albert D. Kallal and it
worked great.

Now we are just starting in access 2007 and again they want a mail
merge done.
Should I use the old code that worked in the past (will it work in
office 2007)
does the mail merge in access 2007 have anything that is good for
multi mailings?

thanks for info before I start on this

From: Albert D. Kallal on
I only made a few updates, but they are some changes that work better with
2003, and 2007.

So, I do suggest using the latest version I have.

If you converting an existing application then just delete the two code
modules, and two forms, and re-import them to get the 2007 updated code.

So, the two code modules are:


And, the two forms are:

You can find a newer version here:

And, there is some new features such as allowing you to specify the document
name, were it will be saved, and even options to print. those options are
outlined here:

It possible that the 97 code will still work un-changed. I not looked at it,
or tested it in a good number of years, so it best to use the later editions
outlined above. However, the above updates are designed to ensure that your
EXISTING code even from 97 will continue to work.

Albert D. Kallal (Access MVP)
Edmonton, Alberta Canada