From: BobG_MadisonSD on
I have a fixed IP and have sent my Linksys camera address to some friends
over time. Recently I got some feedback saying that people were not able to
install the viewer. I was thinking it was a browser security issue, but it
was not what I expected.

The certificate in the .cab file expired on 7/11/2009. The proper fix (if
available) would be to do a firmware upgrade of the camera to install a new file with a new certificate, but since the new file has not been posted
yet, you can do the install by setting your PC clock back to some time
between 6/8/2006 and 7/11/2009.
Good luck to all,

Bob G

"JN_LongBeach" wrote:

> I need to to modify an active x entry in IE7 to allow to
> execute. I am receiving a message that unknown publisher.
> Am running running Windows XP. Any suggestions on how to allow
> to run?