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Bill, The only way I can get it to work is to copy the Switchboard form into
my dbase and edit the design. I wish I could understand what was missing in
my own form (because obviously that's where the issue has to be) because I
copied all the code and it still wouldn't work. I'd rather understand it for
myself than to copy.

Cynde wrote:
>I found out where to check the Reference to the DAO3.6 Library but when I
>check it, I get an error message "Name conflicts with existing module,
>project, or object library". What does this mean and what do I need to do?
>Thank you.
>>I am still having a little issue, it doesn't bold. Could it be related to
>[quoted text clipped - 7 lines]
>>>> make them bold and unbold when I pass over them? Thank you very much.
>>>> Cynde

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