From: Michelle on
I had the same problem, and had recieved the same email multiple times. Over
150 times ! FINALLY solved the problem by Evan's advice. Logged in to a
webmail and deleted the offending message. Problem solved. Thankyou Evan :)

"Evan Platt" wrote:

> On Mon, 26 Apr 2010 06:56:01 -0700, Freaky60
> <Freaky60(a)> wrote:
> >hi, could someone tell me how to stop getting the same email multiple times,
> >when downloading them into microsoft office outlook, they are coming through
> >3 or 4 times at once, i have contacted my server and its not coming through
> >from them, everything is being sent once only through them but when it hits
> >me they are coming through more than once..
> >they say it seems to be a fault with outlook
> >
> >i am now absolutely sick of it...
> Do you have a webmail interface for your mail server?
> Log into it. Delete the offending message.
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