From: Jeff Layton on
On Thu, 31 Dec 2009 13:50:10 -0600
Terry <td3201(a)> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have an interesting architecture consisting of a 3 RHEL 5.3 NFS
> nodes that mounts about 30 TB worth of iscsi disk and presents them as
> 6 different NFS shares. It is an active-active-active cluster with
> each node presenting a couple of shares. It works pretty well. I am
> doubting my decision to use NFS and am wondering if CIFS would be a
> better route. Here are the NFS stats:
> getattr lookup access read write readdirplus
> 20% 16% 7% 44% 9% 1%
> Each NFS node pushes about 65 MB/s so they are pretty busy. It is a
> backup/recovery application so I would describe the I/O as lots of
> small reads/writes.
> Any thoughts?

Why are you looking to switch?

As always, the only way to really tell is to bench it out yourself. I
can tell you though that the Linux CIFS client doesn't parallelize
writes well at all and that will probably hobble your throughput

Jeff Layton <jlayton(a)>
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