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First of all - you better ask different questions in different treads. But as
far as you asked already...

On Fri, Aug 06, 2010 at 09:36:11AM +0530, vishnu vardhan wrote:
> no desktop directory for newly created user and some other issues.
adduser don't add Desktop directory. Desktop is a DE/WM-specific thing and have
nothing to deal with adduser. I think LXDE should create Desktop directory by
itself if it can't find one... You probably should create bug report about that.

For now, I think it would be enough to run

$ mkdir Desktop

in new user's directory - that would create directory called "Desktop".

> *issue 2* : sometimes I am receiving the following error after booting into
> the system :
> Error: Unable to establish connection with FAM.
> Do you have "FAM" or "Gamin" installed and running?
Well, I don't know what FAM or Gamin is and what they're intended to do, but
you can install one of them and look if it would fix the problem. Actually,
that's what error message advising.

> *issue 3* : at present i am using the following to completly remove the
> packages from the system :
> # aptitude purge --purge-unused
> is there any way better than the above to completly remove the packages from
> the system ?
There isn't, I think. BTW, did you know that you can specify exact package name
instead of purguing unused ones?

# aptitude purge PACKAGENAME

> *issue 4* : how do i gracefully shutdown the system ?
The following command

# shutdown -h now

is probably most common one.

> *issue 5* : how do i find the packages with unmet dependencies ?
Hmm... I don't have an answer to that - maybe someone who is more experienced
in using apt-/aptitude would help you, but I have some general suggestions.

First, you will never face unmet dependencies if you're using only Debian

Second, even if you will (for example, you installed some third-party deb
package), following command

# apt-get -f install

probably fix everything.

> *issue 6* : i have two users on my system. how do i restrict another user to
> use shutdown ?
Regular users can't run shutdown. To do so, they should get root's privileges
using su (and entering root's password) or sudo (which is preferred way,
because sudo requires user's password and have a mechanism to restrict user's

So if you don't want user run any of administrator's commands (like halt,
shutdown, mkfs etc), you don't have to do anything - that's already done for
you. If you want user to be able run anything but shutdown, you should modify
/etc/sudoers properly.

Entry for sudoers would look like this:

alex ALL = !/sbin/shutdown

where alex is a user's name, and /sbin/shutdown is a path to the utility you
want to disable for user.

Note that it's not totally secure - user can move shutdown to another place and
run it from there, for example.

Alexander Batischev

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