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> >>>>>>> Screenshots? Are you serious? Why would the gfortran manual need
> >>>>>>> screenshots? That's ridiculous.
> >>>> I thought that I'd seen one somewhere, and I tracked it down: a very
> >>>> informative screenshot of the g95 compiler in action:
> >>>>
> >>> I don't see anything at all informative about that screenshot that
> >>> wouldn't be just as well shown as text. In fact, all of the useful
> >>> content is text. The rest is nothing but an image of someone's (Looks
> >>> like Andy's) terminal emulator, which doesn't tell me anything about
> >>> g95.
> >> In addition to the problems you mentioned, that approach also makes
> >> it gratuitously hard for people with poor vision to read, and stops
> >> the use of the screen readers for blind people.
> >'s an odd screenshot to possess,
> > and in a better font for the vision-challenged, which is why I read it
> > in the first place. This was a while back when my vision went through a
> > bad phase.
> > I'm having a problem not wanting to reach out and twist your british
> > head off right about now to release a geyser of what must lie in your
> > belly: fish, chips, ugly german monarchs and shepherd's pie, whatever
> > horrid thing that must be.
> Be nice.  Who do you think saved our butts at Kasserine Pass?
> And shepherd's pie isn't bad.  You can get it here in the States, too,
> if you would like to try some.  Fish and chips can be disgusting -- I've
> had some in Milton Keynes that would qualify -- but you don't have to
> buy it in Milton Keynes, and in fact you don't have to go to Milton
> Keynes at all.  I've had some very nice fish and chips at the railway
> station in Redhill, and some decent fish and chips in Melrose, not far
> from Melrose Abbey.  Not that anyplace in Melrose is far from the Abbey..
> And the current British royal family hasn't been German for 93 years,
> the House of Windsor having been proclaimed in 1917.  My family hasn't
> been American for much longer than that.  And as far as Germans go,
> where do you think Baron von Steuben came from, and who do you think
> whipped the Continentals into an army at Valley Forge?
> >> For conveying information, plain text rules. For obfuscating it,
> >> then screenshots rule. Very useful in marketing!
> > British Phood. Beyond Prince_Charles.
> > Do you still have a house of lords? I've started to think that the
> > senate just needs to go away.
> Some British people have been overheard whispering that they wish the
> House of Lords were more like the U.S. Senate.
> Louis

Um. You have be be UK-educated to understand. And how three kingoms
and some fiefdoms became headed by a descendent of the leaders of all
the previous kingdoms.
And why there now exists a head of state who is NOT the prime
minister, and can veto laws, which themselves have to be accepted by
another non-elected body (House of Lords), after being suggested by
representatives of the electorate.

You have to see and have lived under alternatives (I have, several).

The USA missed that important step of separation of independent vetos
at two levels. Even in Australia, the Governor General can close down
parliamnet, and has done so in my time.

UK-born, gret school, and multi-university educated, and even knowing
some of those disparaged, I had to clarify and pesent what long
history has taught. You remember the adage about those who do not
study history having to live through a repeat..?.

Anyway, paper tape i/o and TTY machines were pre 1951. (More history;
ask me while I'm sill around).