From: TRanjith on
hmmn... Pleae see the attached vi.. Event generates on every update. But i need it only when value changes. do i have to write logic manually?
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From: smercurio_fc on
The "Value(Signaling)" property will trigger the "Value Change" event regardless of what value you write (even if it's the same). Thus, if you only want to trigger it when there's an actual value change, then you need to program this yourself. A shift register comes to mind. I'll leave that to you as a learning exercise. :smileywink:
From: Dennis Knutson on
That VI qualifies for <a href="" rube goldberg code</a target="_blank">. if you want Numeric 3 to update when there is a change in Numeric 2, just create an Value Change event for Numeric 2 and wire Numeric 2 to Numeric 3 inside the event. No need at all for the second loop. Also, put your stop button in value change event.

Simple Event.PNG: Event.PNG
From: TRanjith on
Just for an example i introduced Numeric2. In practical i get that data from array index.