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Hi Chris,

Chris Withers wrote:
> News123 wrote:
>> Hi Chris,
>> Chris Withers wrote:
>>> News123 wrote:
>>>> from xlrd import open_workbook
>>>> from xlutils.copy import copy
>>>> rb = open_workbook('doc1.xls')
>>> open_workbook('doc1.xls',formatting_info=True)
>> I'll try, but the doc mentioned explicitely, that formulas will be lost.
>> I'll keep you updated.
> Yup, for them to be preserved, someone needs to either provide the
> patches or stump up the cash to get the features implemented.

Thanks for your clarification.
You want to say, that there is a newer version or patches, which will
treat formulas?

Might be interestng.

Currently Iswitched to the uno module, which is a little bulky, but
generates for my case the correct docs on any system with OO installed.