From: Kymuki on
I am running Windows Vista home Premium with Microsoft Office Professional
2007 - Outlook has started to send mulitple copies of emails when there is an
They stay in the outbox as though they still have not gone anywhere - they
do not appear in the sent box - however the recipient will get up to 30 times
- it can be worse if the email is also going to multiple people - but there
does not seem to be any pattern - you have to wait until it gets an error
message and then delete it or move to another folder eg Draft.
You do not know how many times it is sent until someone tells you as there
is no record of it being sent.
I would really appreciate some assistance in this regard - it does not
appear to be a virus as all scans come up clean - Cheers Kymuki
From: Ricardo Silva on
It could be related with your antivirus. See if there is any update on your
antivirus, or just try to stop the anti-virus on your e-mail for a while to
see if the problem persists.

Can you tell us what error do you get - when you wait for it?

Ricardo Silva
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