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People in our office print powerpoint(.ppt and pptx files) documents
from their browsers(Internet Explorer 7/8) to a Toshiba estudio 450
series. When they do it from a browser, they CANNOT see the grayscale
option they can choose which can ensure the documents are printed in
black and white(thereby saving ink). They can see the option if they
save the powerpoint document to their local machine and try printing
it from there.

Is there a way, they can choose the grayscale option to print while
viewing the document from the browser? I understand, there is a way
the registry can be modified so that the document does not open in a
browser, but as a separate file in a temp folder, but our office users
don't want that.

We have MS Office 2007 on our office computers.

They need an option such as shown at the end of page
when they open the ppt file from browser

Any suggestions would be appreciated.