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On 6/23/2010 4:12 PM, John W. Vinson wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Jun 2010 13:17:57 -0400, g<g_1(a)> wrote:
>> The report is printing some 7 fields from a Table which has 14 fields.
>> The report gets its data(to be displayed) from a single table only.
>> In the layout view in Access 2007, it looks fine as I want it. But, in
>> the Print Preview, I notice there are 2 blank pages after one record.
>> Also, the first three pages of the report are blank. I deleted the last
>> record from the table. Could that be causing that? I have closed and
>> restarted Access 2007, but still the first three pages are blank in
>> Print Preview.
>> 1. What could be the cause for first three blank pages? How can I fix it?
>> 2. For the 2 blank pages after each record, what can I do to fix it?
>> Any advice would be welcome.
> The most common cause of this is having an explicit "new page" in the report
> design - in the report header, the detail section, or some other section.
> Check the properties of the report and see if there's anything in the "Force
> New Page" property of any of the report sections.

Thanks for the advice.

The Force New Page is set to "None" for Report Header, Record Number
Header, Detail, Page Footer, Report Footer. Still, the blank page is
appearing on the first page of report. What else could be causing it?

> You can get *trailing* blank pages if the size of the page extends into the
> margins. Doublecheck the size of the report text area against the size of the
> paper minus the left, right, top and bottom margins.

Thanks, I reduced the margins and the trailing blank pages after records
are gone.