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Gary M wrote:
> we are finishing up moving all of our mailboxes from our old exchange 2000
> server to our new exchange 2003 server.
> I was researching the registry change you have to make to enable up to a 75
> gig mail store with exchange 2003 sp2.
> When I look at the registry for our exchange 2003 server I only see the key
> for the PUBLIC store. The PRIVATE does not appear.
> is this because we have not moved all of our mailboxes and so have not
> removed the exchange 2000 server yet?
> I wasnt going to make the registry change yet, just researching so I can do
> this when we finished moving the rest of the mailboxes, and I saw this and
> was curious.
> I looked at the registry on the 2000 exchange server, and both appear there.

If the key does not exist, all you will have to do is create the key.
Once created, you can restart exchange services, or windows for changes
to take effect.