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>>>>> "RLS" == Randal L Schwartz <merlyn(a)> writes:

>>>>> "Uri" == Uri Guttman <uri(a)> writes:
Uri> i hate all the duplicate pushes. try this on for size (untested :):

Uri> use File::Slurp ;
Uri> push( @{ -d "$folder/$_" ? \@folders : \@files }, $_ ) for read_dir( 'C:' );

Uri> that assumes if it ain't a dir, it is a file.

RLS> OP said he was working through "Learning Perl". Probably hasn't
RLS> gotten to references yet, so you just blew his test score. :)

well, you may have missed my smiley before the code. that wasn't
intended as a real useful answer. but the technique of selecting what
array to push onto is useful occaisionally.


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