From: Matt Hayes on
On 7/6/2010 10:43 AM, Victor Duchovni wrote:
> On Tue, Jul 06, 2010 at 10:11:27AM -0400, Matt Hayes wrote:
>> I've been watching this for a while and still not sure what could be
>> causing it it or if its a known issue, but thought I'd pass it along
>> here on the mailing list to see whatever one else thought.
>> I use recipient_bcc_maps to bcc email to my personal account to Gmail.
>> Relevant logs to the issue:
>> ---------------------------
>> Look at lines
>> 25,26,27,28 as they are where the duplicate log entries are at.
> Please be kind to the people helping you and do not use pastebins,
> they are a pain in the butt to use. Post the logs, and obfuscate
> the local parts of any addresses you want to keep private:


> Nothing wrong at all, there are no duplicate logs, delivery into amavis
> is logged, and delivery to the destination post-amavis is logged.

Makes sense.