From: jacbenimble on
I was wondering if anyone has ever completed an application accessing REFPROP from NIST.
I have used other DLL?s with the CIN tool but can not seem to make this REFPROP DLL work.
If anyone has a code snippet showing the settings of the CIN tool that is using REFPROP, it would be greatly appreciated.
From: Travis M. on
Hello Jackbenimble,

It sounds like you are able to call other DLLs properly, so I am assuming that
there is no problem from the LabVIEW end of things.  I searched and found
a link to a patch for the software I believe you are trying to call <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.&nbsp; If you have any
questions on exactly how to call third party DLLs please let us know -- I am
more than happy to provide some documentation and help on that.

Hope that link helps.&nbsp; Have a great afternoon!