From: Frans Pop on
- suspend laptop while *un*docked, i.e. with laptop speakers in use
- dock laptop
- resume

With 2.6.33 and earlier the sound would always come from the external
speakers connected to the docking station. But with 2.6.34-rc4 I get sound
still coming from the laptop's internal speakers, which is not correct.

System: HP 2510p running Debian stable ("Lenny")
Sound driver: snd_hda_intel; codec: AD1981

Attached my kernel config for .34, and dmesg output for both .33 and .34
- boot (docked)
- undocking (visible as several USB disconnects)
- suspend
- resume after docking

I don't see any significant changes in dmesg output during resume.

I'll do a bisect, unless someone has some idea what may be causing this.