From: simon4599 on
Hi all, I use windows xp sp3. Recently an uninstall of symantec endpoint
protection broke my OS, so I had to do a windows repair. The cd I had, however,
was windows xp service pack 2, so when I installed it I was partially reverted
back to sp2 until I reinstalled sp3. Since then, the remote access connection
manager service refuses to start even though all its dependencies are running,
instead giving me an error 5: access denied message. This means that no dialup
or vpn connections can be created or connected to. This wasn't a problem until I
got my telus aircard, which acts as a dialup modem that connects to the HSPA
network. I tried googling this, and came up with a few microsoft articles and
several forum posts on it, but most people seem to be using xp sp1, and the only
support on the ms website is for sp1. I'd really rather not reformat this
machine if I can help it, so if anyone knows of a way to fix this, please let me
know. I did try reinstalling service pack 3 a second time, and it still didn't
fix the problem.

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.