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>Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as it's now the 11th

Have you tried everything at ?


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"HM" <HM(a)> kirjoitti
> Dear All,
> I also have a very similar problem....... any suggestions/solutions?
> We have recently converted all our computers to run Office 2007, with one
> exception - Access 97. This is now mid roll out and we've encountered a
> rather large problem, which if we can't solve may require us to go back to
> Access 97 - arraggh!
> We have several front ends that all use the same (rather large) back end.
> The front ends reside on the users PC, which one is dependent upon what
> their
> job is.
> The back end lives on the company server.
> All the front ends (FEs) have now been converted to Access2007 (*.accdb),
> and are operating happily talking to the original Access97 back end
> (*.mdb).
> One of these FEs is quite data intensive and takes about 25secs to open -
> just about acceptable. However, when we convert the back end to a *.accdb,
> this front end takes over 8 MINUTES to open the same query.
> I have tried the following with no noticeable affect:
> 1. Setting the Subdatasheet Name property to [None].
> 2. Disabling the record level locking.
> 3. Running entirely locally.
> Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated as it's now the 11th
> hour.
> If this posted in the wrong place, can anyone suggest where to post this
> question.
> Thanks HM.