From: George Oliver on

I'd like to know what to consider when writing an email/rss/usenet
client. Apologies for such a broad question, but I've never attempted
a project of this scope and I'm currently feeling out the

My target is something like a gui-based mutt (I use a Windows OS btw),
with influences from programs like Alpine (
alpine/) and Sup (

I currently use Thunderbird + Muttator, which is a nice setup; but, it
has some clunky parts, and I thought it might be simpler in the end to
start fresh than try to engage with what seems to be the massive-ness
of Thunderbird (of course, I may be disabused of this notion at some
point ;) ).

So far I've looked at the email and related modules in the standard
lib, found some related links from the list [1], and read a little
about the relevant protocols involved.

I'd appreciate hearing about any other examples, references, or
experiences of people who've written similar programs or related

thanks, George

[1] Including references to:

* the pyne client