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Thank you very much. You've helped me a lot ;-)

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>>I've got a 514 event id with source ESE in my Exchange 2003 Server. I've
>>been reading some information about how to reset transaction log numeric
>>the procedure I have to do it's simple and easy, but I've got a question:
>>When my exchange database backup finish, in my transaction log folder I
>>find some log files (just 3 or 4). My question then is:
>>If I reset transaction log numeric moving log files (using eseutil
>>am I loosing mails in those logs when resetting numeric???
> Not if the database is in a clean state. If the database is "dirty"
> the transactions in the log files haven't been completely written to
> the database. You'll find the state of the database in the output from
> the eseutil.
>>Those logs will never be inserted in exchange database, then are they
> You don't want to remove log files unless the ALL the databases in the
> storage group are in a 'clean' state.
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