From: Noel Jones on
On 2/24/2010 12:47 AM, Ruben Safir wrote:
>> Anyway to restrict the From: header to the local domain as well as the
>> From<whitespace> header
>> It seems that Majordomo will accept the mail if the From: is different
>> than the From
>> > From mrbrklyn(a)
>> From: ruben(a)
>> I'd like to reject it at the mail server if either is spoofed and it is
>> not originating from my local hosts on the internal network.
> Actually, thing about this, that might not be a good idea and I doubt it
> is even in the envelope.
> Ruben

Right, rejecting From: headers that falsely claim to be from
your domain is guaranteed to cause problems. Look at your
posts to this mail list...

There's no easy solution to forged From: headers, but
SpamAssassin can be a big help by identifying the underlying
spam payload.

Also clamav antivirus with the Sanesecurity
anti-spam/anti-phish addon signatures can catch a good amount
of unwanted mail. Postfix can use clamav-milter to reject
unwanted mail before it enters your system.

-- Noel Jones