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I am a bit of a command line junkie and until recently have done all
my ssh key setup direct from the command line.

However I'd rather like to get seahorse, gnome-keyring, etc. working
on my xubuntu 9.10 system to simplify/minimise passphrase entry.

I can't find *any* useful information on how to set it all up.

The applications are installed on my system, the gnome-keyring-daemon
is running, I can enter keys etc. in seahorse ("Passwords and
Encryption Keys") and there's also an "Encryption and Keyrings" applet.
.... but it doesn't actually seem to do anything, probably simply
because I have something un/mis-configured.

The only option in "Encryption and Keyrings" for Default Key: is
"None. Prompt for a key" but it doesn't even do that (prompt for a key
that is).

I just need some information on how this is all supposed to hang
together so I can go and look and see if I've removed any vital
'hooks' in the past when I wanted it to be quiet.

Can anyone offer any pointers to HowTos, FAQs etc. that might help?

Chris Green