From: cate on
I asked this before but I'm still not clear on it.

When ever I wish to create a new series, no big deal:

Dim SeriesRandTarget As Series
Set SeriesRandTarget = myChart.SeriesCollection.NewSeries

As long as I have the object, I can use it. If I set the name
attribute as in
SeriesRandTarget .Name = "Hello"
I can collect it later if needed by:
Set myseries = myChart.SeriesCollection("Hello")

But what about this? What is the new series name I just created in
the below example? (The macro recorder has me in this fix!)

myChart.SeriesCollection.Paste Rowcol:=xlColumns,
SeriesLabels:=False, _
CategoryLabels:=True, Replace:=False, NewSeries:=True

The next recorded step is


I tried slipping in Name:="My Name", but it croaks. How do you find
this series?

thank you