From: pollon on
Hi. i have aproblem with signal express. when i try to acquire three different kind of signals with three different modules on my cDaq 9172 i recive this notice: the task is riserved by another one. Now my question is: Can i use three modules simultaneaus with signal express? and with labView? 
From: mickeyw on
Hi Pollon,
It is possible to acquire different signals via different modules in signal express (I simulated it with a thermocouple and a sine wave). When you set up the first channel with say a thermocouple in signal express, click the add button and add your new analogue signal., for example the sine wave. To add a digital module, you would have to add a new step after your analogue input.
This process is easier to set up in labview using a daqmx read/write task (see the labview examples) but all the channels would have to be read in the same VI with the same sample clock in order to get them synchronised.
I hope this answers your query,
From: LiciaP on
I confirm that it's possible to acquire multiple signals both in LabVIEW and in Signal Express. However, you&nbsp;can't use multiple tasks but you must include all the specific channels in only one task for acquisition (for example, in LabVIEW or in MAX you create a task for analog acquisition adding more than one channel). The reason is well explained in this <a href="" target="_blank">KB</a>.
You can find detailed explanation on how to acquire data from multiple modules in cDAQ in Signal Express in this second <a href="" target="_blank">KB</a>.
I hope it's all clear.