From: David Duffy on
peter.king(a) wrote:
> I am using Windows XP professional and a free Fortran compiler FORCE
> (2.08 I think it is a front end for the g-77 compiler). I am trying to
> find a simple library of basics graphics routines (xy plots, basic
> symbol plotting etc) for use with this (or any other easy to use
> Fortran compiler). I am not a computer scientist and just want
> something very easy to use without knowledge of c, unix or similar.

I plot to EPS using a fortran version of grapheps
( The whole thing
is ~450 lines of code, but obviously you'd then need a viewer like
Ghostview or GSview. Does XY plots, histograms, basic symbols.

David Duffy.

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From: Michael Prager on
michels(a) wrote:

> If you plot your data directly with Dislin, your little program will
> look like:
> [...]
> It doesn't look very complicate, or?
> Helmut

Helmut, I agree . . . it looks very easy. Either I have
underestimated what DISLIN can do, or it has improved very much
since I evaluated it >10 yr ago, or both. Very impressive.

Mike P.

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