From: Peter Foot [MVP] on
If you raise your notification using SHNotificationAdd you can pass a flag
to force the screen on. But you'll need to P/Invoke the native APIs because
the managed Microsoft.WindowsCE.Forms.Notification class doesn't support
this flag.


Peter Foot
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"bule" <bule(a)> wrote in message
>i have read about the SystemIdleTimerReset
> but it will not resolve my problem...
> i am searching to turn on light if something happen...i don't want to turn
> on light always:
> if the light is off and something happens: turn on the light
> but if the light is off and nothing happens no problem...
> i'd like to have a behaviour as a cell phone : if a message arrive so turn
> on the light, if noo message arrives keep the light off...
> i halso have tried this to weak up scree :
> but no succes i see the tap on the screen but no light...

From: bule on
i am sorry but ... what is the function of SHNotificationAdd ? i have
quicgly searched but i don't think many information...

I'll continue my serach tomorrow, now i have to go in Italy is

i hope i can tell with you also tomorrow, thanks..
From: bule on
hi all so i am here again...
i don't have found how i can use the notification...
but i have tried this:
i call the setPowerrequirement to wake up the screen
i change the batterytimeout value in the registry from 0 (setting by
setpowerrequirement) to 0x1E the hex for 30 sec
i flush the value in the key

in this way the time out is set an other time to 30 sec but it seems that
the OS recognize the change only when i close my application...

so i call a releasePowerRequirement to the handle of the set power requirement
and then i call a SystemIdleTimerReset

in this way the change of the batterty timeout in the registry is recognized
by the OS without closing the application..

i don't know why i need the last 2 call but all seems to run...hope this
would be useful for someone
if you have any suggest i am here