From: Mladen Gogala on
On Tue, 01 Jun 2010 18:07:16 -0700, zigzagdna wrote:

> I changed default 800 seconds undo_retention to 1 day. I got past that
> error, but now another error came on a different table: ORA-00600:
> internal error code, arguments: [b], [23786], [121640375], [121640408],
> Could not find anything on kdliSyncRead on google or metalink. Looked
> at trace file, seems like some core dump.

No, it's more like the blue screen of death.

From: Noons on
Steve Howard wrote,on my timestamp of 2/06/2010 9:16 PM:

> This is really scary. The problem is, everyone will just say, "well,
> you should be on, anyway". In a year or so when another post
> comes through talking about how buggy that release is, the cycle will
> repeat itself.

It's been repeating itself for the last 15 years, on every single major release.
From: Noons on
John Hurley wrote,on my timestamp of 2/06/2010 9:38 PM:

> Well actually some of the dinosaurs are running that release and
> finding it pretty good. Some of the dinosaurs though actually do a
> systematic job of planning and testing things.

Or just plain do not stress out the relevant bits of code?

> You have to remember the OP in this thread did not seem to know where
> to find resources and information on snapshot too older ... so take
> some of the complaints from the OP with a large degree of skepticism.

Absolutely. They seem remarkably similar to what I've been seeing in the lists
of fixed bugs in the patch releases, though...

> There is a large difference between refusing to upgrade because one
> has tested and found things in their environment and and their
> applications which cause serious ( or critical ) errors and refusing
> to upgrade just because something is new.

Or refusing to upgrade because there is simply nothing in that release that is
relevant to the applications being used? Or even supporting those applications?

> Ya gotta remember that 11.1
> has been out now for a pretty long time eh kimosabe?

You gotta remember that 9.1 has been out for a pretty long time eh kimosabe?

> We will be starting the phase of seriously checking out 11.2 just as
> soon as the first patchset is available although it might be sooner.

Good. Is the cost of that testing and the upgrades being accounted for to the
From: Noons on
joel garry wrote,on my timestamp of 4/06/2010 3:56 AM:

> Is the cost of being on an out of support release being accounted for
> to the business? eh kimo-sahib-bwanna-massa? :-) *

LOL! Wouldn't have a clue: we have everything in
Last time I looked that was under support
eh, kimo-bwanna-muzungo-estaleka-maningwe?
(!) >¦)