From: R.. Kumar 1.9.1 OSX on
R.. Kumar 1.9.1 OSX wrote:
> Brian Candler wrote:
>> R.. Kumar 1.9.1 OSX wrote:
>>> During development, I keep running rake install. The following command
>>> often takes a minute to execute, although the gem is created in a
>>> second.
>>> gem1.9 install ../pkg/xxxx.gem
>> Try with --no-ri --no-rdoc
> gem1.9 install --no-ri --no-rdoc ./pkg/....
> putting this in my command, seems to have not much impact.
> I actually have this in my .gemrc file already.
> I tried a gem install --local and it was instantaneous.
> How can i get "rake install" to do a --local.
> I obviously don't want this to be global or i wont be able to install
> external gems.

Currently, since my Rakefile is generated by Jeweler, i found that it
calls gem install. I've hardcoded a "--local" in the jeweler Command.
Don;t know how else I could pass the value from rake. I think it only
affects rake install and not gem install, so its okay.
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