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Xavier Roche <xroche(a)> wrote:

> Thomas Maier-Komor a �crit :
> > what it seems to be doing is obvious. My question was really whether the
> > standard says anything about this.
> The standard (see the opengroup pages in my message) does not seem to
> say anything, unfortunately.

Your previous message said that the standard is clear on it (unless when
you said "nothing but clear" you meant to say "anything but clear" --
your name and email address suggest that you're not a native English
speaker, so you might not know the idioms correctly).

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From: Xavier Roche on
Barry Margolin a �crit :
> you said "nothing but clear" you meant to say "anything but clear"

Oh gosh, yes, you're perfectly right - thanks for fixing that. I meant
that the opengroup pages were _NOT_ clear at all.

Generally speaking, I find the POSIX spec a bit unclear regarding thread
issues and/or seems a bit "unaware" of it (like in this case) time to time.