From: Mike Williams on
"Cor Ligthert[MVP]" <Notmyfirstname(a)> wrote in message

> I made today a sample for the VB.Nxt Forum
> It was looking almost like this.
> Dim b As String()

So what are you posting it here for, troll. Your VB.Nxt code does not work
in VB6.

> And now it is rubish, the original was about a txt file.

It was rubbish whether it was about a text file or not.

> Let show it this way what I made now in VB10 from it
> Dim b As String()

Nope. That's still rubbish.

> I've at home no VB6 installed, but in my idea does this
> run in VB6 the same as in VB10

Well your idea is wrong, troll. It does NOT run in VB6. As far as VB6 is
concerned it is still rubbish.

Tell you what, troll, why don't you just post your VB.Nxt stuff on the
imposter's own newsgroup and stop spouting your dotnet evangelism and
posting your code that does not work here on the VB6 group, where it is not
wanted. You are just a troll, Cor. You're not even a very good one. Just an
average dotnet troll. Go play with yourself somewhere else.

I've copied this post to the group you should have posted it to, so they can
benefit from your enormous trolling experience, because it is not wanted