From: Gntlhnds on
I have this form for inputting student grades that isn't working right. I
have an unbound combo box for selecting the student, and then a subform as a
datasheet for inputting the grades for that student. Here is my underlying
table structure:

Last Name
First Name


GradeID (Primary Key)
StudentID (Foreign Key)
CourseID (Foreign Key)

In my subform, I have a datasheet with two columns, Course and Grade.
Course is a combo box with CourseID as its control sourse (from
tblCourseGrades), its row source is tblCourses, its bound column is 1, it is
set up with two colums, column widths being 0";1". Grade has its control
sourse as Grade from tblCourseGrades. The problem comes when I try to select
the course to input a grade for it. It won't let me select any course and
tells me in the lower left of the screen "control can't be edited; it's bound
to AutoNumber field "ControlID". If I try to make it an unbound control,
then the courses column appears blank, and when I try to select a course, it
makes that the course for all the records in the datasheet. If I try to use
Course from tblCourses as its control source, I get a message that pops up
when I try to select a course that says "Field cannot be updated", and if I
click "ok" on that it will leave my input as it is, and if I go to another
record and back to that original record, it will allow me to input a grade.
The side effect is that in tblCourseGrades there is a new record, but nothing
in the StudentID field, and tblCourses has a new record that isn't supposed
to be there. What do I need to do to get this seemingly straightforward form
to work properly? Thanks for the help.

BTW, I also posted this as a reply to a post I had started to create the
form, but that post is 9 pages deep on these forums, so I decided I would
create a new thread for this problem. Apologies for the double post.