From: William Smith [MVP] on
On 1/27/10 8:28 AM, Thomas_Denk(a) wrote:

> Hi there, first of all i want to introduce myself cause it`s my first
> time to post an issue here. My name is Thomas an i`m using iphone an
> macbookpro for business. My problem is, that if somebody invites me
> over Lotus Notes the meeting shows up perfectly in entourage. But the
> sync for this special invitation will not work with my iphone. All
> other events work perfect.

Let me make sure I'm understanding the situation.

You use Exchange, but someone else is using Lotus Notes to send you an
invitation to your Exchange account. Correct?

If this appears correctly in Entourage and not the iPhone then this is
not an Entourage problem. This is more likely a problem between
ActiveSync and the iPhone.

I'm cross-posting my reply to the
newsgroup to ask if anyone there might understand why a Lotus Notes
invitation received by Exchange may not "work" on your iPhone via



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