From: Hadron on
Aragorn <aragorn(a)chatfactory.invalid> writes:

> On Monday 21 June 2010 21:58 in alt.os.linux, somebody identifying as
> chrisv wrote...
>> My friend "Aragorn" <aragorn(a)chatfactory.invalid> wrote
>> news:hvnq00$u18$2(a)
>>> On Monday 21 June 2010 15:23 in alt.os.linux, somebody identifying as
>>> chrisv wrote...
>>>> Aragorn wrote:
>>>>> So long, Flatfish+++, you're going into the same bin as Ray Lopez
>>>>> and Hadron Quark. Maybe you three can merge your IQ scores
>>>>> together and come up with something about room temperature (in
>>>>> Centigrade).
>>>>> <plonk>
>>>> Yes!
>>>> Make sure to do it again, when the mentally-ill POS inevitably
>>>> nym-shifts.
>>> But of course, my friend. ;-)
>> chrisv, email me at mailto:chrisv(a)nospam.invalid. Privacy and
>> discretion assured. [...]
> *You* are not "chrisv". You're just another C.O.L.A. troll. Say hello
> to Flatfish+++, Hadron Quark, One Shot One Kill and Ray Lopez.
> <plonk>

How sweet. Another loser with a LOTR nym who thinks he's impressing
people with his killfile powers!

Fear Aragorn!

Serious Q : what do you and others get out of posting public replies to obvious spam,
thus polluting other peoples newsreader threads who already have these
spammers KFd and showing off about your killfiles? Are you really such a
loser and weenie that you think we are in awe of you?

Dont like a post? Ignore it or killfile the poster. No need to inform
the world. No one, outside of Creepy, Willy Poaster and possibly HPT, is