From: Gary C on
This posting relates to C# under Windows CE 6.0 R2. We used "this.Font" in a
class derived from Control. The this.Font object was passed to
Graphics.DrawString as an argument in the Paint handler. If we force several
paints, PowerToys Logging Options with "Finalizer" checked shows a Font
object being finalized for each paint in the log (each usage of Font).
Oddly, if we assign this.Font to a local variable and Dispose the local
variable in the paint after it is used then the Finalizer log no longer
shows fonts being finalized. If we run the same code on Windows XP, the
Dispose causes a crash.

If we use our own font in a local variable we only see one finalize.

It almost seems that the property "this.Font" returns a copy under CE -
almost like a value type. But, on XP this property returns a reference. Have
other encountered this?

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