From: Jim Brain on
On 3/2/2010 11:07 PM, Bill Garber wrote:
> Actually, I am going to need the JiffyDOS ROM Kernal since that
> 1581 disk drive I recently acquired is equipped with JiffyDOS.
> So, I should open it anyway to see if it doesn't already have it.
> Shoot, I may as well install the SD thing inside then. I'm just
> a bit leary being I haven't very much Commodore experience, yeah,
> not much, like none.
> Dang, now I don't know what I want to do. I know, I will put in
> the JiffyDOS, and use the uIEC-SD thing outside. Yeah, that's it.
> So, so far I need the JiffyDOS kernal ROM, the uIEC-SD with the
> daughtercard.

In your case, I recommend you buy the uIEC/SD with the daughtercard, but
add the 1x13 connector to the order. The little connector is not much
money, and if you'll want it if you ever decide to embed. I recommend
this course for any modder, since the daughtercard gives the modder a
readymade interface to verify operation of the uIEC/SD if the embedded
wiring doesn't work at first (I know the daughtercard works, I can't
debug someone's wiring.

Of course, for those who mod all the time, buying more than 1
daughtercard is unnecessary, but everyone starts somewhere.