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On Jun 24, 5:24 pm, The Quiet Center <thequietcen...(a)> wrote:
> hi, I'm an open source developer who has been cast into the wide wide
> world of Oracle. As a former MySQL user mainly (no boos please :),
> there is a lot of Oracle terminology that I dont understand.
> Specifically:
> - instance
> - database (it appears that a single host and port can have several
> databases)
> - sid
> - schema (it appears that a single database can have several schemas
> and that a schema is a collection of tables, views, triggers, etc)
> - user (it appears that a user can have access to various schemas and
> various permissions within schemas... contrast with MySQL where there
> are only databases)
> Beyond definitions for the above, my goal is to ask: how do you
> uniquely identify a schema? We are running both 10g and 11g here and
> so we cannot truly refer to a schema by the name alone without
> qualifying it with the database. But since the word "instance" is
> being thrown around here as well, I have to wonder what is meant by
> that also.
> Thanks,
> Terrence

Not exactly an answer to your questions, but I guess following
document might help you comparing Oracle vs. MySQL: