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I am having the same issues as others but haven't been able to resolve them.
The formula I have tried after the add in installation is
=SUMPRODUCT(--(THREED('General Scientific:tab1'!A3)=AE3,(THREED('General
Scientific:tab1'!J3)))). I am looking to sum j3 numbers in the same cell in
every tab if the criteria of ae3 matches that in a3 in every tab. Can you see
what my error could be here? So frustrating.

From: Chris J on

Sorry if this is a repeat but I can't see if my last one posted. I am trying
to replicate the same thing everyone else is but it's not working. I have the
add in. This is my formula
=SUMPRODUCT(--(THREED('B2B:tab1'!A3)=AE3,(THREED('B2B:tab1'!J3)))). I am
trying to look in all tabs from the A3 cell that is equal to the contents of
AE3 and if it is to sum the range of all amounts in J3 on every tab. What am
I doing wrong? I get N/A as a result. Thanks.
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Maybe you forgot a closing bracket on your first argument?

Works for me like this:

Scientific:tab1'!A3)=AE3),(THREED('General Scientific:tab1'!J3)))


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