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On Mar 24, 4:19 pm, "Robert" <rober...(a)> wrote:
> Sandy,
> Thank you for the links.  Will try them when I get a chance to fully d/l and
> run them (tho 4 the 3rd one I get a "does not exist" page, will look into).
> I think i just have remnants, but am not sure.  Am anxious to get them gone,
> at any rate.
> Thanks again, Sandy, for the help and suggestions.
> Robert
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> On Mar 10, 4:29 pm, "Robert" <rober...(a)> wrote:
> > Is anyone familiar with Virtumonde? When I run Spybot I notice a lot of it
> > on my machine, but Spybot does not alert me to a problem. It merely shows
> > it's presence. I have also run Adaware with no alerts and none from Avast.
> > I have gone to google with it, but the feedback I get there states it is a
> > troublesome problem and for a large fee I can get rid of it. However, I
> > have not been 'highjacked', bothered with popups ( I have a blocker) nor
> > have I noticed any changes to my OS (XP). Does anyone know if Virtumonde
> > will eventually turn into a problem (if it hasn't already) and do you know
> > of an inexpensive way to get rid of it.
> > Using XP, Avast, Adaware, Spybot and an anti-popup blocker.
> > Thanks for your help.
> > Robert
> VirtumundoBeGone
> Vundofix
> Vundofix2
> Please delete any copy of vundofix you already have then download
> If I remember correctly, I left  the icons for the "removers" on the
> desktop when opening in SafeMode and all went well.
> Good luck, Robert.

Sorry about the dud page, Robert, but this one gets results.
Good luck.
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